Why is IT Web Specialist / Web Engineer important within today’s digital world?

Technology is constantly evolving and you have to be updated with the latest trends and what’s happening in the IT Industry on a daily basis. 

Note: Below is an essential video on how we describe why IT Web Professionals should study to be an IT Web Specialist and IT Web Engineer in today’s digital world.

Note: Llewellyn Scholtz CEO of Genesis Community IT Initiative and IT Guru explains to us why you should study to be an IT Web Specialist or IT Web Engineer.

The IT Web Specialist course has been designed by G-CITI Campus to help students obtain vocational digital skills and leap directly into the workplace. G-CITI Campus has partnered with Certiport to enable IT Web Specialist courses to make students industry-ready. Being a Certiport partner, our students get international qualifications that are aligned to the industry standard.

The word coding seems to be heard with increasing regularity in today’s workplace, and for many it leads to two obvious questions: what is computer coding,and what is code? Coding, or scripting, is the language used to provide a set of instructions for an environment such as a PC, robot, or browser, to perform specific tasks. These terms are generally used interchangeably, though some people apply varying distinctions between them. Coding involves inputting step-by-step commands for a computer to follow. The very nature of computers is that they behave in ways that they are directly instructed to, based on these instructions.

Learning code is, in a broad sense, like learning any language – or to be more accurate, a family of languages. There are overarching rules that all scripts follow, but also very precise rules for each. It’s not an exaggeration that coding is the DNA of the digital world. Every phone app, website, computer programme, and even many kitchen appliances rely on coding to work. This is why coders have such a prominent position in the shaping of the modern age, and the future.

It is anticipated that over the next decade that there will be a massive shortfall in the number of computer science graduates able to occupy the coding careers available. This signifies the proliferation of coding into many different industries. In fact, computer sciences are becoming a key element in many diverse areas of work, such as medicine and banking, where insight of programming and coding is of increasing relevance and importance.

New industries are offering routes to expand into for those pursuing a career in computer sciences. Beyond the obvious examples of IT workers, scientists, artists and designers, data analysts, and engineers, openings outside of the technology sector are beginning to appear in places such as finance and manufacturing. This means that coders have become highly sought after, and are often well-rewarded in terms of salary.

Due to the economic changes and the demand being IT and Web Development, G-CITI Campus has developed content and training that speaks to the demand of the industry.

To find out more about what G-CITI Campus offers and how you can enrol for our IT Technician and IT Server Engineer Courses, fill in our contact form and one of our staff members will make an appointment with you to discuss your future as an IT Web Specialist & IT Web Engineer  at G-CITI Campus! Your Future is Digital with us!


What is Microsoft Technology Associate?

The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification is an entry-level credential that validates fundamental technology skills and knowledge among students and job-seekers who are pursuing a career in technology.

IT Web Specialist and IT Web Engineer Modules

Soft Skills

  • Digital Literacy (IC3 Spark)
  • Intro to Project Management
  • Intro to Business Entrepreneur
  • Intro to Business Communication

Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Modules that will be covered:

  • Project Setup and Interface 
  • Working in the Web Industry
  • Organizing Content on a Page
  • Working with Code to Create and Modify Content
  • Publishing Digital Media
  • Building a completed Interactive Website
  • Integrate local database with website

MTA HTML 5 Application Fundamentals

Modules that will be covered:

  • Manage the Application Life Cycle
  • Build the User Interface by Using HTML5
  • Format the User Interface by Using CSS
  • Code by Using JavaScript
  • Understanding Desktop Applications
  • Understanding Databases

As many students from tertiary institutions lack experiential learning and industry exposure, finding employment is extremely difficult. G-CITI Campus has developed an Industry Coding Job Readiness Program that prepares youth for the workplace, and receives a personal letter from the CEO endorsing their practical experience. The industry exposure is where students go to a company and meet IT Professionals, resulting in them learning best practices within the field of ICT & Coding.

Our IT Technician and IT Server Engineer courses create a new entry point to help those who have little to no practical experience get into the career of coding and can be the first step towards becoming a Microsoft Technology Specialist.

Also, global certifications offered by G-CITI Campus equalizes the educational playing field, where our students can compete with students from WeThinkCode, Northlink, College of Cape Town and CPUT, on an employability level. 

Industries rise and fall as new technologies emerge, but there will always be new problems to solve and developers will always be needed. Companies compete aggressively to hire talented coders who can help their businesses gain a competitive advantage. So, learning to code opens up many different career opportunities.

Testimonial - Ryan Markus - Employed at Microsoft SA