Word 2016: Core Document Creation, Collaboration and Communication; Exam 77-725

Successful candidates for the Microsoft Word 2016 exam have approximately 150 hours of instruction and hands-on experience with the product. They will demonstrate the correct application of the principle features of Word 2016 by creating and editing 2- to 3-page documents for a variety of purposes and situations. Document examples include professionallooking reports, multi-column newsletters, résumés, and business correspondence.

Objective Domain

  • Create and Manage Documents 2016
  • Format Text, Paragraphs, and Sections 2016
  • Create Tables and Lists 2016
  • Create and Manage References 2016
  • Insert and Format Graphic Elements 2016
  • Manage Document Options and Settings Expert 2016
  • Design Advanced Document Expert 2016
  • Create Advanced References Expert 2016
  • Create Custom Word Elements Expert 2016

1.1 Create a Document 1.1.1 Create a blank document

1.1.2 Create a blank document using a template

1.1.3 Open a PDF in Word for editing

1.1.4 Insert text from a file or external source

1.2 Navigate Through a Document

1.2.1 Search for text

1.2.2 Insert hyperlinks

1.2.3 Create bookmarks

1.2.4 Move to a specific location or object in a document

1.3 Format a Document

1.3.1 Modify page setup




2.1 Insert Text and Paragraphs

2.1.1 Find and replace text

2.1.2 Cut, copy and paste text

2.1.3 Replace text by using AutoCorrect

2.1.4 Insert special characters

2.2 Format Text and Paragraphs

2.2.1 Apply font formatting

2.2.2 Apply formatting by using Format Painter

2.2.3 Set line and paragraph spacing and indentation

2.2.4 Clear formatting

2.2.5 Apply a text highlight color to text selections

2.2.6 Apply built-in styles to text

2.2.7 Change text to WordArt

2.3 Order and Group Text and Paragraphs

2.3.1 Format text in multiple columns

2.3.2 Insert page, section, or column breaks

2.3.3 Change page setup options for a section

3.1 Create a Table

3.1.1 Convert text to tables

3.1.2 Convert tables to text

3.1.3 Create a table by specifying rows and columns

3.1.4 Apply table styles

3.2 Modify a Table

3.2.1 Sort table data

3.2.2 Configure cell margins and spacing

3.2.3 Merge and split cells

3.2.4 Resize tables, rows, and columns

3.2.5 Split tables

3.2.6 Configure a repeating row header

3.3 Create and Modify a List

3.3.1 Create a numbered or bulleted list

3.3.2 Change bullet characters or number formats for a list level

3.3.3 Define a custom bullet character or number format

3.3.4 Increase or decrease list levels

3.3.5 Restart or continue list numbering

3.3.6 Set starting number value

4.1 Create and Manage Reference Markers

4.1.1 Insert footnotes and endnotes

4.1.2 Modify footnote and endnote properties

4.1.3 Create bibliography citation sources

4.1.4 Modify bibliography citation sources

4.1.5 Insert citations for bibliographies

4.1.6 Insert figure and table captions

4.1.7 Modify caption properties

4.2 Create and Manage Simple References

4.2.1 Insert a standard table of contents

4.2.2 Update a table of contents

4.2.3 Insert a cover page

5.1 Insert Graphic Elements

5.1.1 Insert shapes

5.1.2 Insert pictures

5.1.3 Insert a screen shot or screen clipping

5.1.4 Insert text boxes

5.2 Format Graphic Elements

5.2.1 Apply artistic effects

5.2.2 Apply picture effects

5.2.3 Remove picture backgrounds

5.2.4 Format objects

5.2.5 Apply a picture style

5.2.6 Wrap text around objects

5.2.7 Position objects

5.2.8 Add alternative text to objects for accessibility

5.3 Insert and Format SmartArt Graphics

5.3.1 Create a SmartArt graphic

5.3.2 Format a SmartArt graphic

5.3.3 Modify SmartArt graphic content

1.1 Manage Documents and Templates

1.1.1 Modify existing templates

1.1.2 Copy custom styles, macros, and building blocks to other documents or templates

1.1.3 Manage document versions

1.1.8 Compare and combine multiple documents Link to external document content Enable macros in a document Display hidden ribbon tabs Change the application default font

1.2 Prepare Documents for Review

1.2.1 Restrict editing

1.2.2 Mark a document as final

1.2.3 Protect a document with a password 1.3 Manage Document Changes

1.3.1 Track changes

1.3.2 Manage tracked changes

1.3.3 Lock or unlock tracking

1.3.4 Add comment

1.3.5 Manage comments

2.1 Perform Advanced Editing and Formatting

2.1.1 Find and replace text by using wildcards and special characters

2.1.2 Find and replace formatting and styles

2.1.3 Set advanced page setup layout options 

2.1.6 Link text boxes

Set paragraph pagination options

Resolve style conflicts by using Paste Options

2.2 Create Styles

2.2.1 Create paragraph and character styles

2.2.2 Modify existing styles

3.1 Create and Manage Indexes

3.1.1 Mark index entries

3.1.2 Create indexes

3.1.3 Update indexes

3.2 Create and Manage References

3.2.1 Customize a table of contents

3.2.2 Insert and modify captions

3.2.3 Create and modify a table of figures

3.3 Manage Forms, Fields, and Mail Merge Operations

3.3.1 Add custom fields

3.3.2 Modify field properties

3.3.3 Perform mail merges 3.3.4 Manage recipient lists

3.3.5 Insert merged fields

3.3.6 Preview merge results

4.1 Create and Modify Building Blocks, Macros, and Controls

4.1.1 Create QuickParts

4.1.2 Manage building blocks

4.1.3 Create and modify simple macros

4.1.4 Insert and configure content controls

4.2 Create Custom Style Sets and Templates

4.2.1 Create custom color sets

4.2.2 Create custom font sets

4.3 Prepare a document for Internationalization and Accessibility

4.3.1 Configure language options in documents

4.3.2 Add alt-text to document elements

4.3.3 Manage multiple options for +Body and +Heading fonts

4.3.4 Utilize global content standards

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Type & reward: Microsoft Word Certificate

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