Course Objective

The IT Web Engineer 9 Months is a Full Stack Developer / Web Developer course where you will be able to be a front-end web developer. 

This course focuses on important client-side and server-side interaction aspects of the Internet. The aim is to provide practical training in the design and creation of usable static Web pages. 

Industries rise and fall as new technologies emerge, but there will always be new problems to solve and Web Developers will always be needed. Companies compete aggressively to hire talented coders who can help their businesses gain a competitive advantage. So, learning to code opens up many different career opportunities.

Candidates will undertake Global / International IT Exams in Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, HTML 5 Programming, Cascading Style Sheets, Javascript Programming Languages. Also entry-level and intermediate WordPress Training is offered to make students industry ready.

Semester Course Modules

Module 1 – IC3 Spark – Digital Literacy (MS Word | Excel | PowerPoint, Internet & Email)

Module 2 – Project Management Fundamentals

Module 3 – Effective Workplace Communication

Module 4 – Business Entrepreneurship Fundamentals

Module 5 – Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Module 6 – Design thinking UI/UX

Module 7 – HTML Fundamentals

Module 8 – Adobe Photoshop

Module 9 – Adobe Dream Weaver

Module 10 – IT Specialist HTML 5 Application Development

Module 11 – IT Specialist JAVA Script

Module 12 – Mobile App Development Fundamentals

Type of programme

Full-Time / Part-Time


2 Sessions Per Week 

Full-time 09:00 – 14:00

Part-Time 17:00 – 19:00

Study Resources

Textbooks are included in the tuition fees

Online Learning Subscription Access via LMS