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IT Technical Support Course - 1 Year

Our 1 Year IT Technical Support Course is designed to equip you with knowledge, understanding and skills fundamentally used in the field of Computer Sciences and Information Technology, specifically in the field of networking and cyber security. Also empowering them to conduct IT practical’s on site with our industry. partners.

An IT Technical Engineer provides a wide range of services to support, fix, and maintain the hardware and software of an organization’s computer systems. IT Technical Engineers install, troubleshoot, test, manage or help roll out security features, hardware, and software, or maintain networks and computer systems. Often considered an intermediate level position, IT Technical Engineers can go on to more specialized roles like systems engineer, network administrator, or cloud administrator.

Course Categories: Accredited Course Learning from the MICT SETA NQF Level 4 qualification
Delivery Model: Face to Face and Distance Learning 
Field: Information Technology

Global Certification

SAQA Accreditation

Blended Learning

Capstone Projects

Industry Readiness

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