One in 10 millennials have not applied for jobs because they lack confidence in their skills. Digital literacy isn’t just about recreational Internet usage. A perceived lack of digital literacy skills is impacting people in very real ways. Around 10% of millennials said they didn’t apply for a job because they felt they didn’t have adequate digital literacy skills.

  • Key Applications

These days, it seems that no matter what you’re doing - “there’s an app for that!” The Key Applications examination covers the most common features of the world’s best spreadsheet, word processing, and presentation applications. And, with the release of IC3 Global Standard 5 (GS5), this domain now includes app culture elements that will help the examinee understand how to obtain and maximize the use of some of today’s most popular apps.

Common Program Functions

Even with the variety of applications that exist today, there is a core set of standard functions that will help users to be more effective - regardless of the program they may be using. The Key Applications exam includes domains that focus on basic database concepts, informational retrieval, and database inputs and outputs. Further, examinees will learn the most common functions of various office productivity applications in addition to being taught how to properly select and use the correct program or app for the task at hand.


Global Standard 5 (GS5) continues to include all of the features and objectives that have made IC3 one of the world’s most trusted Digital Literacy standards, while adding new and updated content to better align with today’s evolving technologies

Common functions of application software – starting and exiting the program, creating, saving and managing files, common editing, formatting and printing functions.

• Functions needed to operate a word processor at a basic level: – Modifying text and documents, and use of automatic formatting tools. – Using word-processing tools to automate processes such as document review, security, and collaboration.

• Methods for navigating and using database applications.

• Functions needed to operate a spreadsheet program at a basic level: – Sorting and manipulating data using formulas and functions, and creating simple charts. – Modifying worksheet data, structure, and format.

• Functions needed to communicate effectively with presentation software: – Create and format simple presentations

• Processes for obtaining apps, accessing app stores, purchasing apps with a credit card, and in-app purchases.


Global Standard 5 (GS5) continues to include all of the features and objectives that have made IC3 one of the world’s most trusted Digital Literacy standards, while adding new and updated content to better align with today’s most relevant technologies:

App Culture

• Obtaining Apps – Managing accounts, app stores, purchasing apps, and in-app purchasing.

• Identifying different app genres – Productivity, reference, content, creation, social media, music, and health.

• Understanding strengths and limitations of apps and applications – Compatibility, productivity, and appropriate device usage.

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Status: Accredited course

Type & reward: IC3 GS5 Key Apps Certificate

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