Business Incubation Academy™ (BIA) is the designated entrepreneurial arm of G-CITI™ Campus

It offers entrepreneurial training to unemployed youth to start a business, especially an IT Business. Research G-CITI Campus has shown that youth, after they have obtained vocational digital skills, has the desire to pursue a career in IT.

The overall objective of this program is to empower unemployed youth to create tech start-ups after they have completed their studies. We identify start-up teams from the tech & creative industries scene, advise them in all entrepreneurial matters and qualify them for market entry. 

70-80% of small businesses don’t survive their first year, says Proudly South African CEO, Eustace Mashimbye, with only 9% surviving 10 years. 

Incubators were developed to reduce the chances of failure of start-ups by offering sustainable and fundamental entrepreneurial support.Incubators enable entrepreneurs and innovators to find the necessary support and resources to build and maintain a successful start-up.


BIA has adopted the Business Growth Wheel as a Learning & Incubation Model

 BIA offers to students & SMME’s the following:

  • A creative space to work out and discuss every aspect of your business
  • More resources and experience than you have when starting out
  • The opportunity to develop a network of other entrepreneurs and start-ups to sustain your business in the future.
  • Training in Entrepreneurship in all aspects
  • Support in researching markets
  • Build an online presence with necessary branding
  • Understand Financial Management for your business
  • Embrace Digital Marketing as a tool of generating revenue
  • Develop costing models for demanded products
  • Understand business ethics within the market place
  • Become business compliant to leverage RFQs and Tenders
  • Understanding BBBEE Scoring and its impact
  • Sign up and Complete Supplier Registration Forms
  • Conduct wellness discussion with start-up entrepreneurs
  • Support in crafting a vision & mission for the business

BIA is committed to providing this critical support for all young start-up entrepreneurs. See website for more details:

We have partnered with Wadhwani Foundation to offer various entrepreneurial training, pitching engagements, create network opportunities. For more info, visit

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