Course Objective

Are you interested in a career as an IT Technical Engineer but are not sure how to start preparing for it? We have you covered!

If you enjoy working with technology and people, a career as an IT Technical Engineer  may be a good fit for you. This course is a full NQF Level 4 with 174 SAQA Credits, which involves a wide range of limitless job opportunities as nowadays any company uses IT equipment.

 An IT Technical Engineer provides a wide range of services to support, fix, and maintain the hardware and software of an organization’s computer systems. IT Technical Engineers install, troubleshoot, test, manage or help roll out security features, hardware, and software, or maintain networks and computer systems. Often considered an intermediate level position, IT Technical Engineers can go on to more specialized roles like systems engineer, network administrator, or cloud administrator. 

The IT Technical Engineer 1 Year will equip the student with the skills to provide technical assistance and computer-related support in the business environment. Subjects focus on Computer Technology Principles (Mapped to CompTIA A+ & N+ Curriculum), Effective Workplace Communication as well as Helpdesk Support.  This qualification will offer a technical and network background in the discipline of networks and applications, where Global / International IT Exams will be undertaken as an external assessment.

Semester Course Modules

Module 1 – Digital Literacy Skills (ICT)
Module 2 -Effective Workplace Communication

Module 3 -Computer Technology Principles

Module 4 -Networking Support

Module 5 -Mathematics in ICT

Type of programme

Full-Time / Part-Time


2 Sessions Per Week 
Full-time 09:00 – 14:00
Part-Time 17:00 – 19:00

Study Resources

Textbooks are included in the tuition fees