What is Distance Digital Learning?

Why study via Distance Digital Learning?

The Benefits of Distance Digital Learning

Distance Digital learning, also known as correspondence education or home study, is a form of education using technology where there is online face-to-face interaction between students and their instructors. Distance Digital learning students usually study from home using technology as a medium, instead of attending physical classes.

Our distance digital learning method is for both entry-level, intermediate and advance level. Our online system presents flexibility using a computer, laptop or using your mobile phone to learn. 

When you study with G-CITI Campus, there is no need for attending face-to-face classes since you choose to study when you want, where you want and what you want!

Learning at your own pace, has become the ultimate educational solutions for many. With our online Learning Management System (LMS), students can reinforce learning through many approaches. To the extend, that the artificial intelligence (built into the LMS) can coach you to learn uniquely through digital patterns. From your couch or office desk, you can reach heights, with the touch of a mouse. 

Did you know that more and more people all over the world are choosing to achieve some or all of their higher education with Web-based courses? The number of universities offering online material and students enrolled in such courses is skyrocketing!

COVID-19 has catapulted Education into the online space! In an increasingly connected world where more and more can be accomplished through the Internet, one of the latest educational trends is online or distance digital learning.

Did you know that G-CITI Campus are using an award winning LMS for learning, assessment and online examinations?

With over 10 000 students completing a wide variety of courses with G-CITI CAMPUS, our innovative approach to learning and skills development will help you go beyond what you thought possible. Join our family of learning and experience unrivalled student support through our technology-assisted approach

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